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Seminole, OK - Seminole Municipal Airport - Construct T-Hangar (20045)

This project is to construct a multi-unit T-Hangar to accommodate the aircraft that are currently housed in the south T-Hangars which are scheduled to be demolished due to the relocation of the parallel taxiway. The site preparation and grading for the T-Hangar and the associated apron and taxilanes was completed under a previous project. The scope of the project includes the excavation for T-Hangar foundation; construction of T-Hangar foundation; construction of T-Hangar building; and installation of infrastructure for future utility service to T-Hangar. Pavement around the hangar will be in a future project bid at a later date. The project has been divided into a Base Bid with two Bid Additives. The Base Bid includes the construction of a 10-unit nested T-Hangar with sliding hangar doors. Bid Additive 1 includes an additional two nested T-Hangar units with sliding hangar doors. Bid Additive 2 includes the substitution of electric bi-fold hangar doors for all 12 units.
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