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Delta - Released
Projects listed here are available to receive bids.
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View Job DetailsWeyers Cave, VA - Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Install Secure Area Partition (19018)
This project consists of the installation of an overhead collapsing glass partition system supported from the structure above. Associated work includes but is not limited to existing bar joist reinforcement, metal stud and drywall trades with associated finish work, limited wood paneling, reconfiguration of existing HVAC ducting and new electrical circuiting.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.10/31/2019
Delta - Coming Soon
Projects listed here will be advertised in the near future.
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View Job Details COMING SOON Greater Cumberland Regional Airport - Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 (Runway Embankment) (19035)
The scope of the project includes the following:

* Clearing and grubbing on Beacon Hill
* Embankment for the Runway 23 safety area
* Begin construction of reinforced slope in the Runway 23 safety area along the Potomac River

It is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in late fall 2020 with work anticipated to begin at a mutually agreeable date.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Lititz, PA - Lancaster Airport Rehabilitate Runway 8-26, Ph. I (Construction) (19015)
Runway 8-26 will be rehabilitated to improve drainage, line of sight and other non-standard conditions. This is the first of three construction phases. The project will include all or some of the following items of work: Runway Safety Area grading, drainage pipe installation, milling of existing runway pavement, and a FAA P-401 bituminous asphalt variable depth overlay.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.