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COMING SOON Angola, IN - Construct Wildlife Perimeter Fence (17051)

The scope of the project includes construction of a 10-foot-tall wildlife exclusion fence surrounding the perimeter of the airport. Major work elements include fence line clearing and grubbing, fence construction through wetland areas*, demolition of existing 4’ farm and chain link fence, construction of a, 10-foot-tall, chain link wildlife exclusion fence with top and bottom rail and barbed-wire top. The fence is to include angle buried fence fabric beneath the fence line, buried approximately 2-feet deep and angled outward from the fence line by approximately 4-feet. This project also includes the construction of double-leaf swing gates at intervals along the perimeter of the fence and two cantilever sliding or pivot gates with electric gate operators within the terminal area of the perimeter fence line.

*A FAA Environmental Assessment FONSI is completed for this project that allows wildlife exclusion fence construction within the wetland and wooded areas of the fence line shown on the as-bid plans and specifications.



Contact:   Steve Potoczak
PreBid Date:   Not furnished
PreBid Info:  

Company:   Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
Bid Date:   Not furnished
Bid Info:   Estimated April 2024

Project Location: Angola, IN

Public Notes:
For information regarding this project please contact:

Steve A. Potoczak
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
20545 Center Ridge Rd., Suite 450, Cleveland, OH 44116
Phone: 440-895-0465

Job Purchase Information: