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Delta - Released
Projects listed here are available to receive bids.
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View Job DetailsBloomsburg, PA - Install 12,000 Gallon AVGAS Self-Serve Fuel System (15126)
The project includes the construction of a new above-ground self-serve 12,000-gallon AVGAS fueling system to replace the existing above-ground 5,000-gallon AVGAS tank.

Delta Airport Consultants Inc.11/03/2022
View Job DetailsCoatesville, PA - Construct Perimeter Fence (21003)
This project is for construction to replace portions of the perimeter fence around the airfield. The work includes removal and disposal of the existing fence; minor grading; tree and wetland clearing; installation of new chain link fence with barbed wire, wildlife fencing, and manual vehicle swing gates; and installation of lighting and signage.

Published 12/7/22
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.01/10/2023
View Job DetailsLuray, VA - Construct Terminal Building Site Work 14057
This project will include sitework for a new terminal building and parking lot for the Airport and include site grading, installation of stormwater pipe, pavement and marking for the parking lot. Also included are utilities: water, sewer, electric and communications.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.01/12/2023
View Job DetailsSalisbury, MD - Wicomico Regional Airport - Construct New SRE/ARFF Building (21067 and 21046)
The project includes the following:

*Construction of a new ~ 25,600 sf Snow Removal Equipment/Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Building
*Construct asphalt passenger vehicle parking lot
*Construct concrete apron for vehicles and equipment
Install necessary drainage pipes and structures
Application of roadway markings for passenger vehicle lot
*Rehabilitate three (3) terminal area buildings
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
Delta - Coming Soon
Projects listed here will be advertised in the near future.
A bid announcement will be sent to all registered users once project is released for bid.
View Job Details COMING SOON Pottstown, PA - Rehabilitate Parallel Taxiway Pavement, Phase III: Construction (Bid Package 2) 20066
This project is to rehabilitate the parallel taxiway (approx. 700’ X 25’) with an asphalt pavement overlay. The work includes milling, crack repair, replacement of portions of the existing drainage system, asphalt overlay fabric, State mix asphalt pavement and marking.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Selinsgrove, PA - Remove Obstructions RW 17-35, PH I (20061)
The project is to remove and replace an obstruction light on a new tower and foundation in a remote wooded area.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Lititz, PA - Rehabilitate Runway 8-26, Ph. VI (Bid Package 4) 22014
Runway 8-26 will be rehabilitated to improve drainage, line of sight, and other non-standard conditions. This project is the final bid package of the program’s construction. Scope of work for the project includes variable depth milling & P-401 asphalt overlay, grading, drainage system removal and replacement, and pavement markings.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Salisbury, MD - Rehabilitate Piedmont Employee Parking Lots (21045)
This project includes the rehabilitation of a parking lot including the following work items: • Milling and overlay to correct drainage and rehabilitate pavements • Subgrade excavation and replacement • Installation of drainage features to correct drainage from the Piedmont building • Installation of solar powered crosswalk signs and related electrical work • Concrete sidewalk repair • Pavement markings
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Salisbury, MD - Wicomico Regional Airport - Extend Runway 14-32 (20029)
The scope of the project includes the following: Tree clearing off Runway 32 end. Grading and drainage around the Runway 32 end. MALSR, glideslope, and shelter relocation. Runway extension of the Runway 32 end. Relocation of the connector taxiway to Runway 14 and threshold to Runway 14.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Weyers Cave, VA - Construct Aviation Technology Park Entrance Road (22043)
The Construct Aviation Technology Park Entrance Road project includes earthwork, drainage structure installation, stone and paving and marking a new entrance road for the Airport’s Aviation Technology Park.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Weyers Cave, VA - Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 (20070)
The Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 project is a ½” mill and 2” overlay with minimal grade correction of the Airport’s single 6000’ x 150’ runway using P-401 bituminous asphalt. Demolition of Taxiway D and minor geometry correction are included as well as possible relocation of several light fixtures and re-wiring of the TW A circuit.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.