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Duncan-Parnell Branch 5
Charlotte -Granite St
11333-A Granite Street
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-0047
View Job DetailsMadill, OK - Construct New South Taxiway - Phase 2 - 22032
The scope of the project includes the construction of the second phase of the south parallel taxiway, which includes excavation, asphalt paving, and minor electrical demolition and installation.

Date Published 5/27/22
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.06/23/2022
View Job DetailsWeyers Cave, VA - Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 - 20070

The Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 project is a ½” mill and 2” overlay with minimal grade correction of the Airport’s single 6000’ x 150’ runway using P-401 bituminous asphalt. Demolition of Taxiway D and minor geometry correction are included as well as possible relocation of several light fixtures and re-wiring of the TW A circuit.

Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
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View Job DetailsLuray, VA - Construct T-Hangar & Taxilane Site Preparation - 21039
The project will require site grading, subgrade preparation, construction of taxilane pavement, installation of drainage structures, a stormwater detention basin, erosion control. The project includes the construction of an 18-unit T-Hangar Building with bi-fold doors, electrical and lighting installation, and miscellaneous items.

Published 6/10/2022
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.07/12/2022
View Job DetailsOkemah, OK - BP1-Construct Hangars & Sitework BP2-Construct Apron & Taxilane Pavement - 21044
The scope of the project includes the construction of all new infrastructure for the development of a T-Hangar building and box hangar, including the required taxilane and apron pavement necessary to access the hangars. All the infrastructure will be new construction, except for minor rehabilitation of the existing apron pavement to facilitate the minimum grading requirements. The project bidding structure will have two (2) Bid Packages:

1). Bid Package 1:
• Base Bid: 65’x65’ box hangar & 6-unit T-Hangar foundation and building erection and all site grading
• Bid Additive 1: 2 additional units on T-Hangar

2). Bid Package 2:
• Schedule 1 – Concrete
Base Bid: Removal of pavement box (cut) & apron and taxilane paving for 65’x65’ box hangar and 8-unit T-Hangar
• Schedule 2 – Asphalt
Base Bid: Removal of pavement box (cut) & apron and taxilane paving for 65’x65’ box hangar and 8-unit T-Hangar
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job DetailsSalisbury, MD - Wicomico Regional Airport - Construct New Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Building (18037)
This project involves the construction of a two-story, 6,432 sq. ft. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Building and associated site work.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job DetailsVirginia Highlands Airport - Extend Runway 6 - Phase 4 (Paving & Lighting) 20087
This project is the fourth phase for the Extend Runway 6 project. This project involves construction of the pavement for the 929-foot runway extension, partial parallel taxiway, and associated connector taxiways. The project also includes installing MIRLs along the Runway, installing new MITLs along the parallel taxiway and connector taxiways, installing a new PAPI, installing new REILs, installing a new localizer, installing new wind cones, and minor vault upgrades.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.06/21/2022
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View Job Details COMING SOON Pottstown, PA - Pottstown Municipal Airport - Rehabilitate Parallel Taxiway Pavement, Phase III: Construction Bid Package 2 (20066 Bid Package 2)
This project is to rehabilitate the parallel taxiway (approx. 700’ X 25’) with an asphalt pavement overlay. The work includes milling, crack repair, replacement of portions of the existing drainage system, asphalt overlay fabric, State mix asphalt pavement and marking.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job Details COMING SOON Selinsgrove, PA - Remove Obstructions RW 17-35, Ph I (20061)
The project is to remove and replace an obstruction light on a new tower and foundation in a remote wooded area.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.